Annie Bacher, Copywriter 


I help business owners tell their story, speak to their dream clients, and sell their products and services.


“Annie has a remarkable ability to communicate. She’s a rare mix of talent and reliability. A professional through and through.”

-Adam Corl, Lifestyle Editor, The Bubble

“I would definitely recommend Annie. She wrote great copy that really fits our vision, she was interested in our concept and did a lot of research. She was also patient and modified the documents until it was absolutely perfect. ”

— Laurie Vaquer, Take Me Cooking 

“I would absolutely recommend Annie. She clearly researches the products she is writing about, the author’s voice, and the intended audience to create awesome copy!”

— Zach Long, The Barbell Physio 


I work with clients from small- to medium-sized businesses from a variety of industries. I’ve worked with companies including web development agency, Take Me Cooking, “the Airbnb of cooking classes”, and The Barbell Physio, a well-known client in the world of fitness and CrossFit.

I’ve also written for large clients including United Airlines, Coca-Cola, Akamai Technologies, and HP.


I help you write the content you need so you can spend more time doing what you do best.

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What I Do 

Services I Offer 

  • Website copy: Represent your brand with strong copy

  • Sales pages: Sell your programs, products, services

  • Email sequences: Communicate with your audience

  • Newsletters: Get the word out!


What Sets Me Apart 

I know that copy is about so much more than writing: I thoroughly research your business, the industry, your competition, and your audience before I write a single word. 

I never miss deadlines. This sounds like a no-brainer, but it’s such a valuable quality to find in a writer.

I’m affordable. As a resident of Argentina, I can afford to charge competitive prices for work that will give you a healthy return on investment

Certifications: Hubspot inbound marketing, CF L1

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If you need copy that attracts clients, saves you time, and earns your business money, get in touch with me. 

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