Annie Bacher, Copywriter 


I help business owners tell their story, speak to their dream clients, and sell their products and services.

Annie has a remarkable ability to communicate. She’s a rare mix of talent and reliability. A professional through and through.
— Adam Corl, Lifestyle Editor, The Bubble
She clearly researches the products she is writing about, the author’s voice, and the intended audience to create awesome copy! I would absolutely recommend Annie.
— Zach Long, The Barbell Physio
I would definitely recommend Annie. She wrote great copy that really fits our vision
— Laurie Vaquer, Take Me Cooking

I work with clients from small- to medium-sized businesses from a variety of industries. I’ve written copy for companies including web development agency, Take Me Cooking, and The Barbell Physio. I’ve also written for large clients including United Airlines, Coca-Cola, Akamai Technologies, and HP.

Do you…

...know what you want your homepage to say but you don’t know how to say it?

...need some brilliant case studies to prove to prospects why they should use your product?

...want to send a weekly newsletter but just don’t have the time for all that writing?

Whatever your challenge, I can help.

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What I Do 

Here are some examples of things I can help you with.  

  • Website copy: Represent your brand with strong copy

  • Sales pages: Sell your programs, products, services

  • Email sequences: Communicate with your audience

  • Newsletters: Get the word out!


What Sets Me Apart 

  • I know that copy is about so much more than writing: I thoroughly research your business, the industry, your competition, and your audience before I write a single word

  • I never miss deadlines. This sounds like a no-brainer, but it’s such a valuable quality to find in a writer. You’ll always know the status of your project, and there will be no surprises or unexpected delays.

  • I’m affordable. As a resident of Argentina, I can afford to charge competitive prices for high-quality work that will give you a healthy return on investment.


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If you need copy that attracts clients, saves you time, and earns your business money, get in touch with me. 

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